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How to choose a proper mouse pad

      With the rapid development of mouse products, mechanical mouse has slowly faded out of the market, and optical mouse is spreading day by day, Microsoft or Logitech mouse some gamers using is worthy hundreds of dollars, such as Logitech MX510, Microsoft IE4.0 etc. But I find that quite a large number of people, when using the optical mouse, do not know how to choose a mouse pad so as to play the mouse to its best function. Now, I would like to share some of my years’ experience with you, and hope to get rid of your troubles.

      First, the principle of the optical mouse. The simply understanding is that the light giving off the internal of the mouse, shining over the mouse pad, and then reflected back to the light eye, so it is how the mouse position! When using some cheap optical mouse, if the mouse pad is colorful, due to different color matches different diffuse reflection, hence the mouse will run around. Besides, what typical is that when the mouse moves to the bright color part, the mouse jitter will occur. If the desktop is "smooth", it is not a good idea if you did not use mouse pad .When I was on campus, I didn’t use mouse pad when playing CS, the mouse sometimes would to be circling! It is either if the desktop is transparent, if it is this case, the light of the optical mouse will directly shot the desktop, as a result, the mouse will not move at some time!

      Based on optics, the best color of light reflection is dark blue, black and red. However, red mouse pad is seldom to be seen in market, most mouse pad in markets is black or blue. Therefore, when using optical mouse, the bottom of the mouse pad can not be pure white, fancy colors and other bright colors (such as yellow and other dazzling colors)! Of course, the better mouse rarely appears these colors. If no using mouse pad, and at the same time, the desktop is too smooth or transparent, which will also affect the normal use of the mouse.

      Next, I will talk about how to buy a mouse pad. The most common mouse pad is the dark blue cloth pad, the price is 5~10 Yuan. For an ordinary user, this kind of mouse pad has been a good choice. If the pad is to be dirty, or the edges pills, just changing a new one is ok, which is economical and practical. Some better mouse pad like Rantopad C1, and the big Microsoft's cloth pad, the price will to be 20~50 Yuan. However, some young people prefer some colorful cloth pad, also some cloth pad will be with some cartoon patterns. If you buy this kind of cloth mouse pad, the above mentioned mouse jittering or running around will easily happens. Of course, if your mouse is Microsoft or Logitech, it would belong to another matter.

      Following is glass or aluminum mouse pad. The typical ones of glass mouse pads have Icemat and Snowmat. Aluminum mouse pad have 3S and 4S, and currently the common pad like Rantopad A100, the price is above 150 Yuan. The premise of buying this kind of mouse, first is to check your mouse, due to some mouse will pick faults about mouse pad, the most typical is MX300, it loves to jump on 4S and Icemat. The low-end optical mouse mat jumps quite common on aluminum pad, so before buying glass or aluminum mouse pad, you’d better ask for suggestions from the friends who are familiar with mouse pads. Meanwhile, I also believe the disadvantage of glass and aluminum mouse pad is that it feels a bit cool when the weather is getting cold. Another one is that when playing games, if hands sweat, the sweat on the glass will lead to the mouse running around, while this phenomenon rarely happens on aluminum mouse pad.

      The last is synthesic plastic mouse pad. The most common mouse pads in market are Surface 1030, 4D, Rantopad P1 and so on. The advantage of this kind of synthetic plastic mouse pad is that they are two-sided, thick side and thin side, such kind of mouse pad is available for users’ options, and the mouse pads many CS and Warcraft players using are mostly these ones. Further more, the price is lower than the ones made of glass and aluminum, like Rantopad P1 enhanced version, it is only 80 Yuan in the market, it is indeed economical. And the market price of Surface1030 and 4D is 150~180 Yuan. Now there is one kind of mouse pad in the market is Mustang1030, this mouse pad has two versions, simplified version and hardcover edition. The simplified version is single-sided design, while hardcover version, is formed by thick and thin sides. Separately price is 58 Yuan and 128 Yuan. But they are not the real 1030, since we already have knowledge of Surface1030, other mouse pads only borrow the fame of 1030, their packaging and artwork are also not as good as the real 1030. It is recommended you purchase Surface1030. And synthetic plastic mouse pad also has its disadvantage, that is it would be easily worn, if you play games every day, it is most likely that it will be worn out after using about one year.

      So, to choose cloth, glass, aluminum or synthetic plastic mouse pad, it would depend on you, but there is one thing I would remind you, after buying a high-grade mouse pad, you’d better paste an angle corner for the mouse so as to protect the bottom cushion of the mouse pad against being worn. The price of mouse angle in the market is 10~50 Yuan, for an ordinary user, buying the one around RMB10 is ok. Some people will match a high-end mouse pad after buying a mouse, when using Logitech MX510 on 1030 and 4S such mats, if no pasting corners, the mouse pad bottom cushion will be polished after using some time, thus when playing games, the mouse will move difficultly. And it will be a great damage for a mouse pad, also it is really a depressing thing for a game player, therefore, players should avoid such situation happening.

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