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Why choose mouse pads for promotions and advertising gifts


1. Now it is IT times, companies and families use more and more computers. And computer plays more and more important role in work, life, entertainment and study. Where there is a computer, there is a computer accessory, and mouse pad is one of them. Imprinting your company information, introduction, logo image etc on the mouse pad, then give it away to your customers or potential users, so as to public your company and deep in people's mind.

2. The information receiving of a customer is divided into selective receiving and non-selective. Currently advertisement is displayed here and there, it is not likely to accept so much information, so the information definitely will be filtered, and which will be selectively accept or reject some. While the information on a mouse pad is showed in the hands of the recipient, which will casually go into potential user’s eyes every day, and gradually, people will remember the information on, in this way, your company or products will soon first be appeared in the mind of the potential group.

3. If print your company website, technical consult hotline number, business hotline number etc, so once users have needs, they can immediately contact you, which can save a lot of trouble to find numbers, and also makes it convenient for you and users. If make the mouse pad to be of more cartoon or humor, customers will like it more, and at the same time, such mouse pad brings them much fun.

4. Compared with other small gifts, mouse pad size is large enough, and enough to present the advertisement creativity, as we can do CMYK colors on the surface of the

5. The cost of a mouse pad is lower compared with other gifts, which rang from a few cents to tens of dollars, which also is optional and suitable for all kinds of industries.

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