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How to choose a suitable mouse pad

At present, mouse has evolved from a mechanical mouse to optical one. The optical mouse is more suitable in using, thus makes it more convenient. However, it does not mean it is fit for all uses. In order to choose a suitable mouse pad, we recommend to follow the principles below, as without a good mouse pad, how is it likely to use the optical mouse smoothly?

● It is suggested to use a cloth mouse pad. The cloth surface density should be good, surface should be smooth, and not easy to pill.

● Colors is recommended to choose black, blue, green, gray etc, heavy red is not a good choice. If there are patterns, try not to choose too fancy one.

● 3D and transparent mouse pad is not proper for the optical mouse.

● The surface material should not be too rough so as to avoid the mouse pad bottom being worn too easily.

● The bottom of the mouse pad should be anti-skid, so as to be firmly attached to the desktop.


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